New MHS single! Feat. words by acclaimed author Jennifer Clement: 'NOT ENOUGH SORRY' 

New MHS single! Feat. words by Jennifer Clement author: ‘NOT ENOUGH SORRY‘ 
To celebrate the new MHS ‘bookends’ shows Xtra Mile Recordings are releasing this track from the new ‘IN MY MIND THERE’S A ROOM’ album with words by the fantastic American/Mexican writer Jennifer Clement, acclaimed author of cult classic ‘Widow Basquait’ & the upcoming ‘The Promised Party’ on Canongate Books & President of PEN International
MHS > FRI FEB 9th YES MANCHESTER Hey! Manchester
MHS > SAT FEB 10th Bush Hall LONDON
MacIntyre’s genius lies in his ability to apply a range of musical styles to these ‘room’ writer reminiscences. The album roars into action with opener ‘Not Enough Sorry’ written by novelist Jennifer Clement‘ — Clash Magazine